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The Carl Maxey Center Building Remodel 

Empowering Our Community From the Inside Out

The Carl Maxey Center is transforming a neglected 1920s building into an African American focused Cultural Center that will be a gathering place for the community, as well as a business and technicalogical hub for the East Central neighborhood.





Phase I is to acquire the building and the lot next door. We will be raising $375,000 by August 1, 2018.



Phase II is to remodel the building. Elements of the remodel will include:

  • Work Training Program - will use apprentices & trainees

  • Green/Sustainable Building - incorporate green technology and building practices

  • Technology - incorporate present and future technology

  • African American History - incorporate elements of Spokane's African American history into the building's design



Phase III will be to develop and manage the programs and activities that will occur in the center

  • African American focused programming

  • Community Events/Classes

  • Gathering Place

  • Rental Spaces

  • Social Enterprise (ie. Bookstore/Arts & Crafts, etc)



Phase IV will be the expansion of the center up and out.

  • Affordable Housing

  • Mixed Use  - Offices/Retail

  • Business Incubator/Co-Working Spaces

The Need:

In Spokane, racial disparities exist in education, criminal justice, health, housing, employment, and in most determinants that exist. The African American community, in particular, has consistently been hit hard by these disparities.


Despite best efforts, both from within and outside the  community, it is challenging for a community to create the infrastructure that is needed to uplift itself without a strong

base - a place - to focus its attention and efforts.


Spokane is in need of such a place.

The Solution:

The vision of the Carl Maxey Center Board is to build an African American focused cultural center that will be a sustainable/green and technologically innovative hub in the East Central neighborhood focusing on Racial/Social Justice & Equity;  Business & Workforce Development; Education & Advocacy; and Cultural Enrichment. The goal of the center is to uplift, empower and transform the African American community from the inside out.

The Maxey Center will be a resource for communities of color in Spokane, as well as for the greater Spokane community, creating an opportunity for Spokane residents to gather, interact, celebrate, network, share experiences, discover resources, receive services, gain support and make connections in an environment that is uniquely African American.

To Donate By Check or Money Order: 
Make Check/Money Order out to Carl Maxey Center and mail to
1312 N. Monroe St, #148, Spokane, WA 99201

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