Who We Are

The Carl Maxey Center (CMC) is a Black-led and Black-centered non-profit, 501c3 organization, based in the East Central neighborhood of Spokane, Washington. CMC is both a neighborhood cultural center and gathering place, as well as a community based organization that provides programs and services  focused on addressing the needs of Spokane's African American/Black community.  

Our Mission

We believe it is important to know about the African American/Black experience. We, as a people, are resilient, long suffering, forgiving, uplifting, spiritual, passionate, joyful, innovative, and an integral part  of a vibrant community.

Therefore the mission of the Carl Maxey Center is to change lives and improve the well-being of Spokane’s African American/Black community by expanding the educational, economic and cultural opportunities that are currently available, and by addressing the racial disparities and racial inequities that currently exist and have persisted in this area. 

We do this by supporting and sustaining the work and programs of the Carl Maxey Center to address four focus areas: (a) Racial & Social justice and Equity; (b) Business/Workforce Development & Economics; (c) Education & Advocacy; and (d) Cultural Enrichment. 

The long-term goals of the Carl Maxey Center are to uplift, empower and transform Spokane’s African American/Black community from the inside out, and to create the space, the opportunities and the infrastructure necessary for Black Spokane to identify and design solutions to address current and future challenges.


Board Directors